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Nutrition in Frisco, Tx

As part of our comprehensive commitment to improving the health of our patients, the chiropractors at North Texas Spinal Health provide nutritional counseling and advice on a personalized basis.  Dietary modification, supplementation, and weight loss are topics frequently addressed as part of a prescribed treatment plan.  apples_thin.jpg

Have you ever heard the phrase, "you are what you eat?"  Well, it's not just cliche'....it's the truth!  Our philosophy about nutrition is very simple:  Eat well, and live well.  While the majority of us should be able to eat good, organic, wholesome food every day, it is also a fact of life that most of the food we eat these days is difficient (or completely devoid!) of the quantity of nutrients that we need.

Because of this, supplementation is absolutely CRUCIAL for overall good health and wellness.  Additionally, a well balanced diet paired with an exercise/rehabilitation program prescribed just for you, are just a few of the many services we provide.  Our office recommends the highest quality liquid supplementation available for both adults and kids. 

Please contact us at 972-712-5556 for more information or to schedule a consultation today.